Various works

The various works are all those works of beautification of your outside and which are not directly related to the plants. watering, lighting, small masonry …

In this context, Concept Azur offers among others the following services:

Automatic watering

The installation of your automatic watering system, indeed the automatic watering systems are very diverse and varied, there are many models each adapted to a specific use. We will always offer you an optimized system with low water consumption and adapted to the needs of your plantations.

Exterior lighting

Lighting to highlight the depths and perspectives. Whether it is low voltage for ambient lighting or mains voltage 230 V, Concept azur will advise you in the choice of your luminaires and their location always with a view to reducing consumption and harmonizing your exterior for beautiful summer evenings. We will install your entire network in compliance with the electrical standards.

Decorative masonry

Also called small masonry is often done by landscapers. However, it requires experience and know-how, especially in our region where stone works are part of heritage.

Wall stone dry or concrete, pergola wrought iron or solid wood sealed floor, fish pond with waterfall bringing biodiversity (birds, butterflies, frogs, fish, turtles …), well-being and relaxation. Knowing that fish by eating mosquito larvae will help you to decrease the population.

And do not hesitate to tell us about your wishes nothing is impossible.