who am I ?

You want to give life back to your garden in the hinterland of the Riviera. But you have not found so far anyone able to harmonize plants, trees and shrubs with your home or villa up to your desires. This is logical, because landscaping is a job where you have to combine technical skills, plant knowledge and creativity. These are the three aspects of this job that have decided to continue this path.

Born in the Maritime Alps I have always loved its nature and its Mediterranean landscapes. Having always loved plants and Biodiversity, after trying to study electrical engineering I decided to return to my first love by training with a CAP and a BEP Landscaping.

Then wishing to be quickly close to plants and in contact with customers, I introduced myself and worked for 2 years at English garden in Opio. I gained a lot of experience from them and decided to start my own business in La Colle sur Loup in the French Riviera.

I have been working on my own for 10 years and have acquired a great experience of Mediterranean vegetation that is not greedy for water and which flourishes in this sunny environment.

I offer my skills to anyone wishing to take the time to create a natural environment adapted to his desires and his vision of aesthetics and functionality, and in spaces that require a little greenery whether a farmhouse, a villa , a terrace or a balcony …

My wish is to bring man closer to nature, to biodiversity and to organic farming at a time when a reconnection to our Earth is necessary and primordial.